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Canon iW Management Console – Advanced Device Management

Ease the burden of fleet management and maximise office productivity

The challenges of fleet device management
Managing a large fleet of devices can quickly start to pose significant problems for your facilities or IT departments. Failure to rectify or pre-empt issues such as toner low or paper out could result in lost productivity across the office. Furthermore, manually updating device settings, applications, firmware or address books across a large fleet can take days of work.

Efficient centralised control
Canon’s iW Management Console is a highly scalable and comprehensive browser-based utility to provide IT and facilities departments with a centralised point of control to efficiently manage and monitor a fleet of Canon multifunction printers (MFPs) and printers. Integration with Active Directory, administrator right management and SSL security ensures secure and centralised management of your fleet.

Powerful capabilities
iW Management Console reduces the burden on IT administrators and facilities departments. Capabilities include consumables monitoring, distribution of device settings and other resources, consolidating device meter reads and upgrading printer drivers. iW MC also enables your service provider to offer enhanced services to further reduce the burden such as meter read collection, device upgrading and toner ordering.


  •   The challenges of fleet device management
  •   Efficient centralised control
  •   Reduce costs
  •   Powerful capabilities
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