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I.R.I.S. Solutions

IRISPowerscan™ is a scalable, production capture solution designed to transform paper-based documents into valuable digital assets at speed. Its powerful text recognition engine has extensive language support for over 137 languages, ideal for multinational organisations working with documents in many languages.

User-friendly features combine with a multi-stream architecture for the scanning and the electronic capture of any kind of documents. Documents can be created to suit specific business needs, thanks to multi-purpose document creation tools and numerous output formats.

With our help IRISPowerscan can be tailored on a number of levels to meet the bespoke requirements of your scan workflow. We offer a host of powerful integration capabilities, including related product lines from the Canon solutions portfolio, and existing customer systems in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

IRISDocument is a powerful document conversion and compression solution that accelerates the transformation of documents. Designed for around-the-clock batch processing, IRISDocument runs in the background as an unattended, server-based solution.

Used in conjunction with IRISPowerscan, IRISDocument adds performance capacity and speed, helping to convert up to 60,000 documents per day. Alternatively, operate IRISDocument as a stand-alone application or integrate within existing document or records management systems. IRISDocument boasts state-of-the-art compression technology (IRIS iHQC) that reduces file sizes during conversion by up to 400 times, without compensating on quality.

IRISXtract is a highly intelligent classification platform that identifies documents by type/category in order to assign the document and/or content to various business processes. After the documents have been assigned, the automatic extraction of the data necessary for the respective business process is carried out, and the collected data is then transmitted for further processing into the desired enterprise application such as ERP, CRM, ECM, BPM, DBMS etc.

IRISXtract is used for different purposes. Some example applications include; capturing incoming creditor invoices, processing forms in Health Care and Finance as well as classifying incoming mail in digital mailroom solutions.

IRISXtract is typically integrated into a process chain, acting as an intermediary between data sources. The intelligence of this scalable platform is the ability to capture both paper and electronic documents, such as email, coupled with an image-based and context-based classification engine enabling processing of both structured and unstructured content.

With our help, IRISXtract is entirely customisable to meet even the most complex business process needs.


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