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Managed Print Services

We can provide a Managed Print Service (MPS) which allows complete control over the way your company uses prints, copies and scanned documents. Our MPS can be made available in a number of bespoke and specifically tailored packages, all of which can provide you with a clear and transparent way to control expenditure and allow us to achieve the maximum performance across your fleet of Canon devices.

We have also recently introduced a brand new MPS agreement, by which we manage every aspect of your copying, printing, scanning, supplies, remote monitoring, end user training, reporting, software upgrade and assurance costs. This includes your staff reporting issues directly to our help desk, thereby greatly reducing work loads of your in house support, administration and IT staff. This work can be provided and covered with us supplying one single annual invoice.

We take the time to analyse the specific details of your day-to-day operations and identify where and why you might be overspending. With this information, we shall put forward a solution to your company that will minimise costs and keep them under control long into the future.

We offer a full range of the very best print management software available on the market today, to help you minimise waste and reduce expenditure.  Our solutions offer you centralised control of printing and copying.  We enable you to introduce a flexible print policy whereby you determine who requires access to various levels of devices in use, thereby differentiating between staff who need to produce high quality marketing reports for external use or internal b&w documents for internal accounts. We achieve this by installing automatic routing criteria of certain print jobs to less expensive devices. Our software also allows user access security, user accountability, follow me printing and analytical monthly reports which can be produced to show each print job by user or department.  Users have the option of deleting jobs sent in error before they have been printed and all unnecessary jobs can be deleted overnight. Duplicate print jobs and wastage shall become a thing of the past with immediate effect.

Take full control of printing expenditure and understand precisely how much it costs to produce each page of printing, copying or scanning.  Our range of solutions in our experience can save our clients between 15 to 40% on all your print activity.

In summary these costs can be achieved by way of the following;

  • End user authentication
  • Centralised control of printing and copying
  • Setting and enforcement of flexible print policies
  • Automatic routing of print jobs to cheaper devices
  • User accountability
  • Allocated printing costs to specific departments
  • Secure & confidential printing
  • Discourage waste and abuse, while enforcing rules for output
Managed Print Service

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