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Collobos – Presto

Presto is a robust solution for enterprise mobile printing. Presto integrates with a corporate network’s DNS servers leveraging one-of-a-kind cross platform technology. Presto works the same across iOS, Android, and Chrome OS. Presto is the premier solution for mobile printing with Magic Queue (pull printing), QR Code Scan release, Printer Geolocation, Print Management Integration and more.

The Presto rules engine provides unprecedented capability for managing discovery of network services. Administrators control service discovery based on geolocation, groups, tags, identity, metadata, etc.

With Presto print path remains “in-network”. No print data is moved or transferred to the cloud. In-network print paths are a critically important feature for many verticals including Medical, Legal, and Corporate environments.

Presto integrates with AD based print management for a seamless mobile print / print management experience. No special configuration is needed within Presto. Users login to the Presto single sign-on application. Presto submits an authenticated print job that will work with your print management provider.

Presto leverages the full power of geolocation. Administrators can quickly geolocate services. Users can then find and utilize services based on their proximity.

Presto does more than print! Use Presto for enterprise administration of AirPlay services (Apple TV) and Web Shares.


  •   Enterprise Mobile Printing
  •   Rules Engine
  •   In-Network Print Path
  •   Print Management Integration
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